Top Non-Profit Organizations

Non Profit – Organizations using Free Games from Something Software, Inc. as a fund raiser year round.

Something Software has introduced something truly unique! A suite of free games that anyone can register and play for free. Every time a person plays any of the games, they have a chance at winning a number of instant prizes.

Beyond that, every players earn “gift points” by playing any of Something Software’s games and when a player gifts their points to a Charity of their choice, those gifted points turn into revenue for the Non Profit!

Everyone wins in this unqiue revenue sharing model! So, what are you waiting for, register for free and help a charity of your choice.

Their is no cost to the Non Profit. We help train any charity to succeed and start earning revenue the very first day! It’s that easy!

Email for additional information.

We are changing lives, 10 minutes at a time!

SSI Team