Mixed Martial Arts Champions

7th fight: Yi Long (CHINA) vs. Jamnian Srikam (THAILAND)

For the very first time in the Middle East, Dubai based fans had the unique opportunity to witness the 1st WLF MMA Fighting Championship on 6th June 2013 showcasing 9 top international mixed martial arts champions live in battle against 9 China’s greatest Kung Fu warriors.

Since its launch in 2004, WLF has held multiple fighting events all over the world, including cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo Las Vegas, Hamburg, Auckland, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, and now in Dubai.

WLF MMA Championship Dubai 2013 – Yi Long vs. Jamnian Srikam

WLF has great links with K-1 Japan, WKA Europe, WBC USA and the Muay-Thai Association Thailand.

With an audience of over 127 million followers worldwide, WLF has grown to be the #1 most popular & most influential MMA fighting live program in China and the Asian continent

For more info visit www.wulinfengme.com